2015 Florida Annual Report – be aware of the scams!

Between January 1 and May 1 (we prefer to say April 30) Business Owners must file their Florida Annual Report with the Division of Corporations, Department of State. This Annual Report is filed online at www.sunbiz.org. If the Report is not filed on time, you will have to pay the lovely late fee of $550.00 and the state will dissolve the company on September 25.

The process is very easy, you only need your document number, you can change Directors, Address, update your FEIN at the same time.

The problem are the scams, you possible will receive envelopes from “companies” that looks officials; they inform that you must obtain the Certificate of Status, the minutes or any other “vital” information; they will try to scare about documents that you really do not need to update your corporation with the state. The State only needs concise information. PLEASE BE AWARE ABOUT THESE SCAMS.

  1. The Florida Department of State, Division of Corporation will contact you by e-mail, if they have this information.
  2. Even if you receive the e-mail, go directly to www.sunbiz.org and file you renewal.
  3. If you have any doubt contact your accountant or any qualified professional, they will help you (we can help you too).

If you are going to do by yourself, you will need the following to complete the report:

  1. Your Company’s document number.
  2. Your Company’s Federal Employer Identification (FEIN) number, if is necessary
  3. A valid email address this is a good idea to have accurate news.
  4.  A credit card, if you will pay online.
  5. The information will be updated immediately

Corporation Fees

Profit Annual Report (& Supplemental Fee)                                         $150.00

Profit Annual Report (Received after May 1)                                        $550.00


Limited Liability Company Fees

Annual Report (& Supplemental Fee)                                                     $ 138.75

Annual Report (Received after May 1)                                                    $ 538.75


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