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Our Mission

Our mission is to be successful , and that goal only can be achieved if our customers are too. We are not just tax preparers, we build the appropriate accounting structure for Small Business or Independent Professionals according to theirs type of business.

We provide services using the same standard procedures that have been proven to help the accomplishment to the business purposes; there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as long as you know how to use it properly. The Accounting System is one of the most perfect technologies about information.

With over than 30 years of experience and a commitment to help, our staff has THE knowledge, which is the base of our professional services.

Our customers choose us because they need professionalism, accurate information and objectivity.


img11We have the commitment to follow our set of policies and standard procedures, which because they help us to achieve our mission and vision. Over the years, these guidelines have helped us to maintain our  outstanding services.

Our goal is to complete tasks in a timely manner with the highest quality possible.

The  client’s success is our success, which is why we make sure that every client is served with professionalism and respect.

We provide:

Accurate Information

Accounting2Easy - Cuentas por Pagar - Accounts PayableDo you know how important it is maintain accurate accounts and information?  

We know that this is the key to success for any company. The accounts must reflect your  transactions  backed up with all the commercial documents of your business. Doing this will keep you and your business out of trouble not only internally, but also externally (I.R.S., Banks, Providers, etc.).

We will help you learn how to keep your records and documents

Maintain your accounting information accurate, will help you with tax returns, prevent fraud or theft, and be your ‘go to’ in case of any contingency. Our accounting system includes how to keep  your record system up to date and helps you to:

Real Information about the results of your business operations

Track debts, expenses and creditors

Track customers, accounts receivable and sales

Avoid fines by paying taxes on time


Acounting@easy - helping your accounting systemWe remain objective by providing Outsourcing Services

GAAP, short for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, include the rules, principles and concepts that make up the Accounting practice in the US. The GAAP allows financial statements to be more useful to investors and users.

Included in these principles is the objectivity principle, which requires financial and accounting information to be independent and free from bias. In other words, whether is be a company’s financial statement or another accounting document, it must be based on evidence and not opinions. There will obviously be some areas in which a professional accountant will need to express his or her opinion, but that opinion needs to be backed up by something unbiased and it cannot be the only reason for an accounting treatment.

Basically, GAAP makes sure financial statements are based on facts and not opinions or biases.

Accounting is the backbone of any business and clients benefit when this work is done by professionals who are used to following standard procedures throughout the entire process from the document originated by the transaction to financial results.

All our accounting or bookkeeping services are following the GAAP. Remember, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we just know how to use it.

Because we follow standard procedures and apply them according to the clients’ needs, we don’t compromise the results with subjectivity. Objectivity is based on facts from documents supporting the transaction, not from an arbitrary opinion.

If you are looking for these services, we are the firm that you need and you are the client that we want.





 We are QuickBooks Proadvisors

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