Catch “Sweet Bookit”

The Black Sheep Issue 1


“Sweet Bookit” was a bookkeeper with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in construction accounting; she was well known, and appreciated.

Her tasks as bookkeeper were: Pay the bills, reconcile the bank statements, prepare managerial reports, maintained the accounting records on the company software. One of her services was to receive the bills and to be the primary contact with bank accounts, auditors, and vendors because she wants to make her clients free of these painful tasks. In addition, at the end of the fiscal year, she sent to the accountants for taxes purposes, a very well done Financial Reports…Heaven

She suggested to the owners to open two bank accounts, one called Operating Account, where they will deposit the income; and other called Expenses Account, from where they will pay the expenses; with this system, the owner always knew that the balance of the Operating Account was the real profit of the business. The first account will transfer the money to the second to pay the bills and to make the owner’s life more easy and stress free, because he only has to sign one check per period; she had authorized signature of the Expenses Bank Account. Weekly she prepared the Summary Vendor’s Reports accompanied with the money available in the Operating Account, the owner authorized the bills to pay and sign the transfer check to the Expenses Account.

She prepared and sent the checks to the vendors and TO HERSELF. This meticulous   and devoted woman embellished almost $ 480.000.00 in less than 5 year ($90.000 by year).

She knew how to manipulate the information, how to make one a double transaction (the real payment and hers), how to “reconcile” the bank statements and of course, how maintain happy her clients.

However, she made ​​a mistake that allowed the discovery of her crime; she became ill and had to stop to provide services for nearly 40 days.

 One of the customers, who performed many negotiations with the government, cannot wait until her return and he hired another experienced bookkeeper, “Cleansail”, to maintain the transactions up to date and meet the contracts requirements, this new bookkeeper quickly identified several suspicious transactions and payments. 


 How she found the information needed to prove her suspicions?


How she collected information that was needed to prove their suspicions?

 Cleansail called the vendors and asked for statements and she checked directly with the bank the cancelled check issued to those vendors. She compared the Summary Vendor Reports with these statements and with the checksrecorded by “Sweet Bookit” inthe accounting system.

Compared the actual bank statements with which “Sweet Bookit” used for bank reconciliations, and detected transactions that had been altered. 

Cleansail found how “Sweet Bookit” inflated the Summary Report adding to the amount of the debts, what she need for personal use. She never wrote a report that can turn on a red flag, always was reasonable amounts from recurring vendors (remember, she specialized in building contractors). The amounts that she directed to her were between 500 and 600 per business, which represented at the end of the month about $6,000. In companies where the expenses are thousands of dollars, $500 is barely notice.

These discoveries began the chain of events that alerted her other customers.

When the police opened the investigation, the companies’ owners could not believe the amount of money she had taken improperly from them.

This situation never happen if they have internal control for disbursements and payments.

Before you give your answer, and if you have a doubt, I have a homework for you, don’t worry is easy, the only thing that you have to do is read Vaccine Anti-Fraud. comeback and answer the question below with the correct answer, and The first person who answers correctly will win a $15  Starbucks e-Gift Card! receive by e-mail (that’s why we need your e-mail).

How would you prevent this fraud?

 Option 1. With Double signature on checks Option 2. With Segregation of Duties Option 3. With a security Camera Option 4. With a custom Accounting Software

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  1. This is a work of fiction.  While, as in all fiction, the story are based on experience, all names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously; any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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