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My goal is to succeed, and I only can achieve that goal,¬† if my clients also obtained it. I’m not just a tax Preparer, which represents the end of an economic cycle; my role is to establish a viable business, developing the accounting structure according to their small business or if they are freelancers, tailored according to their specializations.

As a Public Accountant, with more than 30 years of experience, I have been doing what I like the most, helping people. My first step when I work with my clients, is educate them about how to be wise with their business; I like provide them with the specific information, the why and the how, making a balance between the theory and the practice. The more they can understand, the more able they will be in any situation.

 Many times when I was training my clients about QuickBooks or helping them with the software use (I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor), I found problems with their accounting system: accounting plan inconsistent with the Accounting Principles, zero knowledge about the accounting cycle, accounting procedures, and so on.

For me the Independent Professional or the Small Business Owner, do not need to be accountants or CPAs, they only need to know why and how they can improve their revenues using with efficiency the resources. So, because I believe that KNOWLEDGE = CONTROL, when I came to this country, I made a commitment to myself to contribute to its greatness, the best way that I found was through KNOWLEDGE, because it makes us more responsible and successful… and like I said before, is my main goal.




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