Accounting System

We will develop an accounting system that will best suit your business. An accounting system works most efficiently when its structure-configuration fulfills the company’s objectives.  This network of procedures must be so intimately bound that it integrates the general scheme of the company.  An internal accounting control system is an organized structure of procedures designed to help you to promote and protect your management practices.

An internal accounting system is no more than a list of norms, guidelines, and procedures that help to control the operations of a company and provide financial and administrative information.

You don’t need do it by yourself! We will develop a system for you that includes standard and flexible procedures that you can adapt to your company.  The Administrative and Accounting control will be easier.


  1. General Accounting  Procedures
  2. Cash Internal control and Procedures
  3. Inventory & Asset Procedures
  4. Purchasing Procedures
  5. Disbursements Procedures:  Payments, Authorizations, and Checks.
  6. Revenue Procedures
  7. Bank accounts.

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