Bookkeeping Remote Services

Accounting2Easy - Accounting ServicesSome business would like to keep their records in house. However, they also need an outsourced professional to register the transactions in their books, and obtain, in a timely manner, complete and accurate  financial information. We provide our remote and online bookkeeping services to help them with this tasks.

We will help you to set up the system and we will train you about standard procedures to be followed routinely for the performance of accounting operations.

We securely connect to your computer via the Internet and works on your computer

How it works:

  • Using secure connection to your computer via Internet we will work on your computer
  • The documents can be sent by fax, cloud or by email, we let you know what we need.
  • Our personnel will log in your computer and will work with the records and the information.
  • You always will know when we will connect.

Remote service requires initial computer setup for remote access. We can assist you if you need help.

The information “in situ” is very important to some business, and if you know how to do some tasks, we will complete your financial records on time.

Our remote bookkeeping services are the solution; you will keep valuable information in your computer in present time.

We work with QuickBooks™ Software

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