Monthly Bookkeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping services for those who do not have the time to do it themselves. We use QuickBooks® to perform general bookkeeping duties. We will help your business to keep track of accounts and verify the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial transactions. Our services do not replace the need for an accountant. We provide services on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or other basis as is appropriate for our client in order to help to maintain the transactions throughout the year so that your accountant will have complete and accurate information at year-end. We save you the time and money of supporting your accountant or bookkeeping staff more time than necessary. 

There are few small business owners who have a complete understanding of their monthly bookkeeping duties and/or who can get the most out of their QuickBooks Accounting software. This is expected as they are primarily focused on managing and growing their business- you didn’t go into business to be bookkeepers, we did!

Our service will provide you with a monthly package of bookkeeping services tailored specifically to your individual needs for a low monthly retainer. Our monthly services generally include:

  • Basic Bookkeeping: This includes all income and expense entry, A/P, A/R, loan tracking, bank and credit card account reconciliations, etc. We provide these services weekly, biweekly or monthly depending each client’s individual needs.
  • Year-End Accountant Preparation: This service is provided for individuals or small businesses that do not require continuous bookkeeping support. Clients are asked questions to identify business and tax deductions after providing receipts, bank statements and other materials for entry into QuickBooks. Then we create a QuickBooks file of summarized data for use by their accountant.
  • Employee, Sales, and Use Taxes: We will provide monthly, quarterly or year-end filing as well as track collections and withholdings.
  • Overhead and Cost Analysis: This includes vendor/supplier research, budget creation and analysis, identification of cost-cutting measures and assistance managing cash flow and prioritizing payments in order to improve credit or reduce debt.
  • Subcontractor Issues: We will assist in correctly identifying subcontractors vs. employees.  We will also help to create and maintain an appropriate paper trail, including 1099’s, certificates of insurance and other documentation.
  • Accounts Receivable Processing:  (A/R) is simply the process of invoicing customers for services or products. We can assist your company with making the same amount of invoices to the same customers each month, as well as with different amounts of invoices each month. With your QuickBooks file, we can customize invoices, statements, and estimates
  •  Accounts Payable and Budgeting Services: Accounts Payable, also known as A/P, is the process of keeping track of who your company owes.  We will help you manage you’re A/P and get your bills under control.  Through data analysis, we can create a budget, identify spending trends that are of concern, and even make a schedule for when your bills need to be paid. 

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