The ideal list does not mean being an idealist (which is no bad either)


Any new idea, new business, new product, may be accompanied by the typical fear of not knowing the future. Fear in this case is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the whole process to develop this idea to become a viable reality. This little exercise that I bring, is just to show  this idea as something that is working according to what you wanted to create, and  not an effect of the maybe and fears. I hope this list will be useful.

  1. Write down the big goal(s): Some call this the MISSION and the VISION: “I’m going to be the best IT in Florida”, “Our business will be the number one in public services in three years”. It should be written with the best scenario in which your idea will be, THE BEST. Remember, when you sell a product or services, the customer must perceive that you are supplying a solution. The more customers feel that your product or service is providing a better quality of life, the greater your area of influence and greater your success.
  2. The follow steps are the initial actions that you have to make to start a business, for each one of them is very important that you write the TIME when they must be done. This does not mean that you should necessarily do in chronological sequence; this means the logical sequence of time and actions each step requires. Time is a consideration if not handled with reality. To each steps suggested you have to write their When, What and the How:
  3. About you Organization: Your better Organization Structure: Incorporation: Do you need a corporation C, an S corporation, a DBA, etc. What is the structure of your business, even if only you and yourself for now, how is going to be the production flow of your business, Org Chart will help a lot (When, What and How).
  4. About your Production (When, What and How):
    1. The sequence to obtain your product or service.
    2. What do you need to work: Place, Furniture, Licenses, Certificates, Software, Materials
    3. Personnel.
  5. About Money: how much do you need?
  6. About Promotion (easy beginning with family and friends): Who is going to be your main client and how is the better way to reach them.
  7. DO NOT ASK about your idea to anybody: this is very important, when you ask others’ opinion (we are not talking here about consultants or professionals as a lawyer or an accountant), people will give you their own fears and failures. You can make surveys or make a research to know better your market, but question like “what do you think that I’ll be a painter”, even if they have good intentions, they can shoot your “creation bulb” and killing it.
  8. Review this list every day and see what you did or need to do to obtain your goals. The only thing that you cannot do is nothing.
  9. ERASE, DELETE, SHUT IT DOWN from your mental check lists the follow words: “YOU CAN’T”, “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE”, “I THINK THAT YOU HAVE TO…” Your product will be a solution to your customer, you as its creator, cannot become its own enemy.

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