“WHEALTHY” it is not a typo is our new definition about prosperity

Accounting2Easy whealthy it is a typo is a new definition


Wheal (or rather huel) is said to be derived from the Cornish language.

Wheal = mine in regular usage, it also means a place of work.

From that derivation we had created this new definition:

“Whealthy” = abundance places of work.

We have the misconception that we have to “make money” to be wealthy, we are not printers “to make” money, what we need to do is find or create this flow called money towards us.

If we really want to be wealthy, we need to create the “Whealthiness” condition, and this is the secret:

  1. The economy will be stronger when people like us, succeed in perceiving new products or services to provide or to obtain, creating new markets and open new opportunities.
  2. It results from millions of people individually seeking what is in their own interests by providing what is others’ interests. The collective consequence of their actions, under a stable rule of law of  the greater good: to increase the number of jobs in the economy, the wages earned by workers, and the income and wealth of the nation.
  3. Is the interrelation between each one of us exclusively looking for what is our greatest advantage by providing our products or services to others according their needs and vice versa. And this is how we really build a healthy economy, with a diversity of products, a lot of work of places, more employment.
  4. This is the real persistence, here we are not talking about doing the same thing over and over even we are wrong, this means IF WE KNOW what we are doing, our market, our product; we must have an obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition, because we really know the obstacles, the area, and of course our goals.

We are not  printers, we don’t “make money”, we are a “WHEALTHY” machine, we create prosperity.

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